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Mada-Expo is a leading provider of innovative science exhibitions, currently hosting over 25 unique installations worldwide in museums, science centers, zoos, resorts, and non-traditional venues. Each year, our exhibits captivate visitors around the globe. Known for our excellent communication skills and exceptional listening abilities, our team expertly transforms broad visions into tangible, engaging experiences. We also maintain a vast international network and handle the complex logistics of delivering immersive content to diverse settings.


In addition to crafting successful traveling exhibitions, Mada-Expo designs, opens, and operates permanent installations and provides consulting services for the development, expansion, and management of museums and attractions. We undertake each project with clear focus and purpose, turning inspiration into execution that delivers measurable success. With decades of combined experience in the museum and entertainment sectors, Mada-Expo consistently creates exhibitions that educate, inspire, and exceed attendance expectations.


  • The Best and Brightest: Our team is composed of top-tier talent, ensuring that each member contributes significantly to enhancing the visitor experience.
  • Distinct Products: We offer a range of exhibition solutions, from customizable displays tailored to specific venue needs, to ready-to-launch turnkey exhibits designed for rapid deployment.
  • Diverse Partners: We collaborate with a wide spectrum of partners, from large corporations capable of backing major projects to grassroots marketing teams focused on maximizing impact while minimizing costs.
  • Focus on Education: Mada-Expo works with leading scholars to develop high-quality STEM/STEAM content. Our educational materials, including Educator Guides, are filled with grade-specific adaptations, detailed lesson plans, and interactive activities that enrich the in-exhibition experience and complement classroom learning.
Meet With Our Team

Our team at Mada-Expo specializes in creating captivating science exhibitions with over 25 installations worldwide, skillfully turning broad visions into immersive experiences. With decades of experience, we expertly manage complex logistics, delivering engaging content that educates, inspires, and exceeds expectations.

Viet Fam

PRESIDENT and CO-founder

Nathan Arad

Vice PRESIDENT and Co-Founder

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