5 facts about yourself you didn’t know

Have you ever wondered what makes you unique and special? You probably know some basic facts about yourself, like your name, age, birthday, and star sign. But there are many more things that define who you are and what makes you different from everyone else. Here are 5 facts about yourself that you might not know, but that can reveal a lot about your personality, preferences, and potential.

1. You have a unique tongue print

Yes, really. Your fingerprint isn’t the only thing that’s unique to you. Your tongue print is also 1 of a kind. No 2 people have the same tongue print, just like no 2 people have the same fingerprint. Your tongue print is determined by the shape, size, texture, and taste buds of your tongue. You can use your tongue print to identify yourself, just like you can use your fingerprint. However, tongue prints aren’t widely used for identification purposes, because they’re harder to collect and store than fingerprints.

Your favourite colour says a lot about your personalityYour favourite colour can say a lot about your personality and mood. Colours have different meanings and associations, and they can influence how you feel and how others perceive you. For example, if you like red, you’re likely to be passionate, energetic, and adventurous. If you like blue, you’re likely to be calm, loyal, and trustworthy. If you like green, you’re likely to be creative, optimistic, and environmentally conscious. If you like yellow, you’re likely to be cheerful, friendly, and fun-loving. 

3. Your birth order can shape your personality and relationships

Yep, your birth order can affect your behaviour and relationships. Your position in your family can shape your character and expectations, and influence how you interact with others. For example, if you’re the firstborn, you’re likely to be responsible, ambitious, and confident. If you’re the middle child, you’re likely to be adaptable, cooperative, and peace-making. If you’re the lastborn, you’re likely to be outgoing, rebellious, and charming. If you’re an only child, you’re likely to be independent, mature, and self-reliant.

4. Your handwriting can reveal a lot about you

Your handwriting can reveal your personality traits and emotions. The way you write can show your mood, attitude, and style, and indicate your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you write with large letters, you’re likely to be outgoing, sociable, and confident. If you write with small letters, you’re likely to be introverted, meticulous, and focused. If you write with slanted letters, you’re likely to be emotional, expressive, and friendly. If you write with straight letters, you’re likely to be logical, rational, and reserved.

5. You have a dominant nostril

Strange, we know. You may not notice it, but you breathe more through 1 nostril than the other. This is because your nostrils alternate in their activity, switching every few hours. This is called the nasal cycle, and it helps balance the workload of your nasal passages, and optimise your sense of smell, airflow, and humidity. Your dominant nostril can also affect your brain function, as each nostril is connected to a different hemisphere of your brain.

There you have it! Some interesting facts about yourself you may not have known before. If you haven’t already, remember to click here (or call/WhatsApp 0860 50 50 50) and get a commitment-free car insurance quote from an insurer who offers solutions tailored to your specific needs. (Hey, you’re 1-of-a-kind, and your insurance should be too!)

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