Paying Off Rentals, Estimating Crime

Should I pay off my rental property or reinvest? How do I replace my six-figure salary with cash flow from real estate investing? And what’s the best way to analyze crime BEFORE I invest in an area? You asked, and we’re here to answer on this episode of Seeing Greene as we take questions from rookie real estate investors, veterans in the rental property game, and everyone in between. If you want to scale your portfolio faster or quit your job with real estate, this is the place to be!

First, we take a question from a high-earner asking whether they should pay off their rental properties OR use their extra money to build a bigger portfolio faster. A fledgling house hacker wants to know the best way to analyze an investing area for crime now that many online listing websites have taken down this data. A business owner is struggling to find real estate write-offs and asks for help, and a rental property investor needs to know which commercial real estate investment boasts the biggest cash flow. Finally, an anonymous question comes in from a techie who’s about to lose their job. How can they replace their six-figure income with rental properties fast?

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